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Recipe: Creamed Honey

I love honey. I’ve always loved honey. One of my earliest memories is of the dozens of honey quart jars my parents kept in the basement. Most of them were quite older by then and fully crystallized. I loved to … Continue reading

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Divine Desserts! Passion Fruit Mousse

Here’s one from the mission days that is remarkably easy and by far one of the tastiest things you’ll ever put in your mouth: 1 part Passion Fruit concentrate 1 part condensed milk Blend until thoroughly mixed, pour into dishes, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tilapia and roasted veggies

I know so many people who don’t really appreciate fish. Believe me, I’m with you. I personally don’t much care for fishy fish, particularly salmon and I COME FROM ALASKA!!! I’m much more into the white, mild fish like halibut … Continue reading

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Peanut Brittle

Just in case you forgot, I really am the owner of the world’s greatest fudge. (It’s not bragging if you’re telling the truth, right?) But while I may have the world’s greatest fudge, the Peanut Brittle gods have turned their … Continue reading

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Just in case you forgot… Fudge

I posted this recipe last year, but I figure it’s worth giving it a bump. Last week, Courtney and I decided to make fudge for family and friends for Christmas. I finally got around to it earlier this week, and … Continue reading

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How to make Cheese

Courtney and I are on this huge self-sufficiency kick where we’re learning how to do all sorts of stuff on our own. We already learned how to make our own butter, we currently make our own bread, we’re learning how … Continue reading

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How to make butter

Courtney and I have been feeling very much the need to learn how to be self-sufficient and do things on our own. It was in that vein that we moved entirely to home-baked bread, have researched making soaps and detergents, … Continue reading

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Dave’s Homemade Pesto

Here’s a recipe that Courtney found and I improved. We use it all the time, and it’s super-easy to make and use. Before we begin, please note that this is one that I make on the fly without really measuring. … Continue reading

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Oreo Truffles

This weekend is the annual Manly Man Feast in the Elders Quorum. As the reigning champ two years running (I won the top prize the first year and took first in my category last year), I have a reputation to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Eggs Benedict

I think it must be because Courtney and I have committed to being healthier in our eating, but I seem to be thinking a lot about food lately. And all of it is rich, creamy, and totally unhealthy. Speaking of … Continue reading

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