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What Do You Think? Rewarding Good Behavior, Part II

Yesterday I asked about rewarding good behavior. My specific question was this: What makes the societal reward system acceptable compared to the negativity associated with parenting reward systems? As I’ve thought about this for a few days, I still don’t … Continue reading

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What Do You Think? Rewards for Good Behavior

It’s been a while since I’ve had a What Do You Think post…. Try this one on for size. In talking about how to work with Katherine and help her learn consequences, Courtney and I started talking about a reward … Continue reading

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What Do You Think? Legality of Government-mandated Advertisements

I’m thinking of making a new series. A lot of times I find articles that I’m just not quite sure where I stand, and I’d rather like to know your thoughts. First one up? The legality of government-mandated advertisements. The … Continue reading

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