Peanut Brittle

Just in case you forgot, I really am the owner of the world’s greatest fudge. (It’s not bragging if you’re telling the truth, right?) But while I may have the world’s greatest fudge, the Peanut Brittle gods have turned their collective backs on me.

I think it’s because I’ve worshiped at the fudge altar one too many times, but really… Can you blame me? It’s truly incredible fudge!

Last Christmas, we tried to make peanut brittle three or four times, and it never set. Ever. It was always too soft. This year we bought a candy thermometer  to help us get everything just right, and we tried again. We even replaced the peanuts with cashews which, frankly, looked like it’d taste better anyway. I was super careful to measure perfectly and carefully each time. Super careful to cook exactly to the right temperatures. Super careful to stir and to mix and to pour.

End result: Soft peanut brittle.


The only thing I can think of is moisture in the air. Either that or a huge global conspiracy run by grandmother’s around the world to tightly control the peanut brittle market. I’m convinced that they have left out one secret ingredient. Without that ingredient, no amount of effort or talent will ever result in perfect peanut brittle.

Personally, I think that secret ingredient is my fudge.

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1 Response to Peanut Brittle

  1. Sarah B says:

    Ooh, cashew brittle, that sounds good. We like Almond Brittle at our place.

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