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New Laptop, Old Hardware

Can someone explain to me how the install disk for my digital camera, which I  bought back in 2003, still works on a Windows 7 machine but my scanner, which we got in 2008, does not? There aren’t even any … Continue reading

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Kaboom! New Laptop

That’s one of those titles that doesn’t really need much of a follow up, does it? The monitor has been on the fritz for several months now (since before Christmas). We had figured out how to make it work well … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Refusing Technology

You might call this a rebuttal to Ty’s guest post, but that’s not quite accurate. I think it’s more of a response, and not necessarily to what he wrote. It’s more a response to his title… “The Future of Information … Continue reading

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Thus starts the recovery

I picked up the laptop last night, and had a very unpleasant surprise. The laptop is indeed fixed, but to fix it, they ended up replacing the entire system. Everything we had is gone. Before we took it in, we … Continue reading

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El ‘Puter

I got the call yesterday: the computer is fixed. We haven’t picked it up yet since they called in the evening to tell us, but I’ll go get it tonight and test it out. Hopefully, all will be well. We’ve … Continue reading

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HP and the Never-ending Computer Problem

Last month, I wrote about how our computer had died. If you recall, I mentioned that the display cable was malfunctioning and that they needed to send our computer out to get it fixed. I also mentioned that for some … Continue reading

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Sometimes Daddies Do Stupid Things

It’s true. Sometimes daddies do indeed do stupid things. And I did one yesterday. Our computer had what can only be described as a vindictive and vicious collapse last night. A horrible collapse. Each year, my wife and I host … Continue reading

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Courtney and I have used MSTAR as our internet provider since December. After a month of horror stories, we finally got everything working in spite of MSTAR’s repeated attempts at helping us (click here). Over the last month, however, there … Continue reading

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An Update—Wireless Router Problems

This morning, I replaced our old wireless router with a new model and, surprise surprise, had the exact same problems as before. So I called up MstarMetro and started working on it again. The current theory is that the router … Continue reading

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Wireless Router to the Rescue!

After a hiatus of nearly a year, we finally got internet at home again. We got it mostly as an incentive for our renters downstairs, but it is definitely a plus for us as well. On the recommendation of a … Continue reading

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