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For Sarah

Imagine being in a small, enclosed place. Now imagine short sleeves with nothing but a thin veil covering your head. And now add in 30,000 bees. I just installed my new packages, and it was excellent. There’s something about the … Continue reading

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Winter Bee Deaths

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually; I lost all of my hives. I had suspected that the weaker one was doomed all along, but I was so sure that the big hive was going to do just fine. … Continue reading

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Winter Bees and Fall Gardens

We had a meeting at the church this morning, and after the meeting, a friend invited me over to his house to get a squash. Boyd also keeps bees, and I asked if I could see his hives because, well… … Continue reading

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Of Apistan and Beestings!

I did something yesterday that I had vowed to avoid if at all possible: I put a mitecide in my hives (Apistan). To medicate or not is one of those beekeeping questions that, in my experience, is classic trench warfare … Continue reading

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Honey Harvest 2015!

I harvested today, and as is usual, I vastly overestimated what I would get. I left a lot more on the hive than I thought I would as well (at least a full medium). Here’s the report. Insides Hive I … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection, September 7, 2015

And ew… gross. The season is turning to fall, and I figured I’d get out for a quick Labor Day hive inspection. While I’m glad I did, I’m grossed out. See, I had a problem…. So if you’ve kept bees, … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection, August… something

I’ll be honest; I have no clue what day this was. I think it might have been… Nope, sorry. I really don’t remember. Wasn’t last Saturday. I finally got in to my hives again a few weeks ago. I’ve trying … Continue reading

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