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For Sarah

Imagine being in a small, enclosed place. Now imagine short sleeves with nothing but a thin veil covering your head. And now add in 30,000 bees. I just installed my new packages, and it was excellent. There’s something about the … Continue reading

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Winter Bee Deaths

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually; I lost all of my hives. I had suspected that the weaker one was doomed all along, but I was so sure that the big hive was going to do just fine. … Continue reading

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Winter Bees and Fall Gardens

We had a meeting at the church this morning, and after the meeting, a friend invited me over to his house to get a squash. Boyd also keeps bees, and I asked if I could see his hives because, well… … Continue reading

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Of Apistan and Beestings!

I did something yesterday that I had vowed to avoid if at all possible: I put a mitecide in my hives (Apistan). To medicate or not is one of those beekeeping questions that, in my experience, is classic trench warfare … Continue reading

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Honey Harvest 2015!

I harvested today, and as is usual, I vastly overestimated what I would get. I left a lot more on the hive than I thought I would as well (at least a full medium). Here’s the report. Insides Hive I … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection, September 7, 2015

And ew… gross. The season is turning to fall, and I figured I’d get out for a quick Labor Day hive inspection. While I’m glad I did, I’m grossed out. See, I had a problem…. So if you’ve kept bees, … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection, August… something

I’ll be honest; I have no clue what day this was. I think it might have been… Nope, sorry. I really don’t remember. Wasn’t last Saturday. I finally got in to my hives again a few weeks ago. I’ve trying … Continue reading

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Redonkulous the beehive

I’m finally healed enough from the surgery to go out and work on the bees again. It’s probably a good thing. Both hives were ginormous and packed and ready for a super. I’m still working on a naming pattern for … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection, June 6, 2015

Last Saturday I got out to inspect my hive and move it ever closer to it’s final resting place in my new apiary. Everything looked really good, but I had an unexpected event. My new apiary is surrounded by a … Continue reading

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Fast Hive Inspection

It’s swarm season, and I’ve heard from many of my fellow beekeepers that they’ve already lost several. My last survivor has been big and heavy all spring, and I’ve been worried that with the bands of storms we’ve had marching … Continue reading

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