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Dave’s WW of EU: Accept vs Except

Accept is a verb that means “agree to, believe, or receive.” Except is a verb that means “to exclude, leave out.” Except can also be a preposition meaning “leaving out.” Examples: Accept—I accepted the award on behalf of the committee. … Continue reading

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The Dregs

The book continues. It’s almost completely different than what I posted last time, although the foundation is still much the same. I’ve tried to write a book before. I mean, I am a professional writer by trade, so I guess … Continue reading

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Semdeus: Prologue

As promised, here is the prologue to the book I’ve been writing on and off for… well… forever? I’m very proud of this short piece in particular, and I think I’m scared to continue because I’m worried I won’t be … Continue reading

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I have to admit that every time I hear “I’m writing a book,” I just laugh inside. Really. I do. I just don’t believe you. Part of that is that it seems that everyone is writing a book, but most … Continue reading

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