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The cutest birthday present

The other day was my birthday, and Katherine gave me what just might be the cutest birthday present ever. On my birthday, I like to dress in my best clothes–best being defined as nice looking, comfortable, appropriate for the situation. … Continue reading

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Teaching Consequences

We’ve got good kids. We really do. All three are mild mannered, gentle, conscientious children. With only rare exceptions do I find myself feeling frustrated or disappointed in their behavior. But lately, Katherine has been pushing boundaries and exploring what … Continue reading

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Protected: Updates on Myron

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A bullying update

First, thanks to all the wonderful encouragement and responses. We’ve felt blessed to have good support from a lot of people since this came to light. As of last Friday, Courtney talked to the school (two teachers and the principal), … Continue reading

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Kids and Friends–Bullying

I never really grew up with friends thanks to the all-too-common moves in the military. It was either me or my friends moving seemingly every year, and I learned pretty quickly that it was easier not to have them. Right … Continue reading

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Ah that child…. Here’s a rundown of recent “escapades and sayings. Me: Katherine, what should we name the new baby? Katherine: Katherine. On her upcoming birthday… Me: It’s not your birthday! It’s my birthday! Katherine: NOOOOOO!!! Me: Yes it is. … Continue reading

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A Place Where Dreams Come True….

I’ve decided that Walt Disney is the world’s most evil man. And the best marketing genius ever. Katherine and Myron have both been very sick for a few days with fevers. This morning on my way out for work, I … Continue reading

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No one who knows Katherine would ever think her anything less than confident. She’s incredibly confident. Shockingly confident. Here’s an example: Last night, we had a company dinner, and the CEO happened to attend. Katherine asked who he was, and … Continue reading

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Darth Vader is doing what?!?

Katherine and Myron have been playing with dolls this morning, and during a “dance,” we overheard Katherine say, “Why King Triton, you’re dancing with my husband Darth Vader.” May the image never leave my mind….

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Heard around the house: Whining

Myron has gotten into the asking stage. Maybe calling it the “demanding” stage is more appropriate. What he’ll do is say the think he wants (drink) and follow that with a very stern “me!” So you end up with phrases … Continue reading

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