Dave Loveless—the prodigal

I consider myself a simple guy, and yet I sit here not knowing where to begin in describing me. I guess I can sum it up in a few things: Deeply Religious, Family Devoted, Alaskan, Writer, and a Beekeeper. Probably in that order, too.

Anyone who knows me, knows that the first two are as automatic as breathing. God and Family are one and two in my life. The third? Well, I know I wasn’t born there, but I gladly abandon all other geographical associations for the title. Plus, my eternal bride is Native Alaskan. That has to count for something! I keep up to five hives (depending on the year) and enjoy the fruits of that wonderful labor. As for the writer, I’ve been writing both professionally and recreationally for many years.

3 Responses to Dave Loveless—the prodigal

  1. van olmstead says:

    You do such nice work and we seem to share some priorities. That would include the first two you list. I’m at the other end of the geographical spectrum from Alaska — I’m a Delawarean by choice. We joke that Delaware is three counties — two at high tide. My writing is an attempt at poetry that can be viewed on my site. But I have a favor to ask that comes from one of our other passions, that being English. I understand it when one loses “one’s way.” I get it when a Christian quotes, “I am the way….” But what is “way” better, “way” bigger or “way” farther. When did this happen? Do you know? Or maybe your function is to soothe my fevered brow and say “There, there Van.”

  2. daveloveless says:

    Thanks Van.

    Delaware… One of the states I haven’t seen yet, but it is on the list. And I have no idea about “way” being used like that except to say we can thank slang. But I can offer a cool wash cloth, and a pat on the back. There, there….


  3. trainwreck says:

    I have greatly enjoyed your posts. I have found some to insightful and some to be entertaining. Thanks for sharing your life.


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