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How to Get Lollipops (OR Myron Broke His Arm)

How to get lollipops according to Myron: Get on the neighbor’s trampoline and start jumping. Wait until some girls get on the trampoline. Flee from the girls because girls are gross by just jumping off. Land awkwardly on your wrist. … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness Day, and here’s your friendly reminder that the large number of people who experience autism daily (both people who have autism and the people who support them) are all around you. As someone who deals with … Continue reading

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Our Myron Miracle

Our stake president has been encouraging us to share our miracles. I think we forget sometimes just how common miracles can be. In my reading of the Book of Mormon recently, I was struck by the later chapters that talk … Continue reading

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Myron’s a what?!?

The other day, Katherine and I were teasing each other. Here’s what happened: Me: You’re a moose! Katherine: You’re a chicken! Me: You’re a goober! Katherine: You’re a cow! Myron: I’m a princess! [silence]….

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The Joys of Aspergers

Can I just say that more often than not, I hear the “horror stories” of Aspergers. I hear about all the trials and troubles all the time. It’s kind of depressing…. But what about the joys? So far, I can … Continue reading

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A breakthrough!!!

Oh, this will probably be something I eventually go back and delete when Myron gets older just because of the, uh… personal nature of it all, but for now, this is a HUGE breakthrough. We got Myron to sit on … Continue reading

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Stomping Bottom Boards

This year, I upgraded all my hives to screened bottom boards. They are a little more expensive of course, but quite worth it. I paid a friend to paint them (I hate painting), and he laid them out to dry … Continue reading

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