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It’s a…

Life has kind of changed recently, and I get the feeling that the blogging days are coming to an end. This served a unique purpose in the beginning, one that has changed many times over the ensuing years. I’ve debated … Continue reading

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For Sarah

Imagine being in a small, enclosed place. Now imagine short sleeves with nothing but a thin veil covering your head. And now add in 30,000 bees. I just installed my new packages, and it was excellent. There’s something about the … Continue reading

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Review: VidAngel

I saw an ad the other day for VidAngel, and we gave them a whirl last night. VidAngel is the latest in a long line of clean video shops, and I think they’ve finally hit the nail on the head. … Continue reading

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The Introduction

One of my goals for the year is to put a book that I’ve been working on into draft form by the end of the year. I’ve written about eighty pages so far, and I was going at a fantastic … Continue reading

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Winter Bee Deaths

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually; I lost all of my hives. I had suspected that the weaker one was doomed all along, but I was so sure that the big hive was going to do just fine. … Continue reading

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Protected: Year 12

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Hopes and Fears of All the Years

Merry Christmas! I woke up this morning and was immediately filled with a deep sense of peace and joy. I love this season of celebration and family and friends and gospel. As I pondered on the feeling, I had clearly … Continue reading

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