Divine Desserts! Passion Fruit Mousse

Here’s one from the mission days that is remarkably easy and by far one of the tastiest things you’ll ever put in your mouth:

  • 1 part Passion Fruit concentrate
  • 1 part condensed milk

Blend until thoroughly mixed, pour into dishes, chill in the fridge until set, EAT!

The hardest part is finding the concentrate, which you won’t find in just any store. Your best bet is to head to an import store that specializes in Brazilian and South American foods. In my city, there are numerous choices to serve the large returned missionary population.

When you go in, ask for “passion fruit” or “maracuja” (Ma-ra-cu-ja with the ja pronounced like the ja in the French name Jacques).

One standard bottle of concentrate should be enough to equal two cans of condensed milk. If you make the whole thing, it’ll serve about 10 people easily enough.

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