Artificial Swarms

I was looking at Emily’s blog reading a fantastic post giving a monthly summary of beekeeping, and I came across a term I had never noticed before: Artificial Swarming.

Swarming has always been my biggest concern with beekeeping. I recognize that swarming is effort, time, and money literally flying away (hopefully at least into the arms of a fellow beekeeper). I also recognize that it is going to happen try as I might to discourage it. Lastly, I recognize that once a colony decides to swarm, it is (1) doing what it is supposed to do to reproduce and (2) pretty much inevitable.

So that’s why the artificial swarm caught my eye. If I can reproduce the results of a swarm in my own apiary, I can at least continue to get the benefits of my bees.

I was going to actually try to describe it, but I found this incredible little video that makes it so simple to understand.


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1 Response to Artificial Swarms

  1. Emily Heath says:

    That is so great that you found James the Surrey beekeeper’s video. I feel like I know him quite well through the Beginner Beekeeper page on Facebook and also because he is a fellow London area beekeeper.

    All the beekeepers I know locally usually do an artificial swarm once they find queen cells, with the exception of a few who have lots of hives and don’t mind losing a few of their bees!

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