Dear Sales People: STOP ASKING ME THIS!!!

I’ve noticed a recent trend among sales people, and it truly bugs me. Over the holiday break, Courtney and I bought new living room furniture (visits to four or five furniture stores) and we looked at–but did not buy–a new car. In many situations, the sales people would ask us, ” If I can get X price, will you buy today?” or a variation on that question.

I hate that.

Do you know what it says to me?

It says:

  • You are trying to manipulate me into committing to something before I’m ready. I don’t like being manipulated. No one does.
  • You think I’m stupid enough to fall for that. That’s offensive.
  • You are only willing to help me if I say yes. Otherwise, I’m not worth your time.

As I saw that question more and more last week, I started responding, “No.” It was kind of fun to see the sales people squirm. But eventually I got to the point where I’d just stare at the sales person with a look that said, “Really?”

That was far more enjoyable.

So here’s the deal: Ask me that question and it just cost you another 5% off the top to get my business. If you’re going to act like I’m stupid and manipulable, I’m going to return the favor. And if you say no, I guess you’re not worth my time.

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2 Responses to Dear Sales People: STOP ASKING ME THIS!!!

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I’m the same! Someone pressurising me to buy then and there makes me immediately suspicious.

  2. Anthony says:

    How about you just counter them with “If I’m willing to pay [insert a value like 25% less than what they just said] will you sell it to me right now? I’d be curious to see how they react to that.

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