Of Farkles, Practice Thanksgivings, Shimmies, and Gravy

Kind of a private post to two specific and very beloved people…

Farkle–How long did we go without even getting on the board? A year? We still can’t play without laughing about the futility of it all. And to think that we kept trying even after abject failure! At least we can claim that we are persistent, right?

Practice Thanksgivings–Probably my single most favorite friend-based tradition and one we still do every single year. Every time we talk about it, the people who hear it for the first time think it’s utterly brilliant. And it is. One of these days we’ll get you back here in time to do it again. Heck, next time you guys are here, it’s Practice Thanksgiving even if it’s the middle of May!

Shimmies–I deny everything. There’s no evidence that I’ll ever admit to. You can prove nothing. If you bring it up, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

Gravy–There’s no point even trying to deny this one. It’s true. It happened. We tell probably every last person who walks through the front door about it, and they all look at me with eyebrows raised and say, “Two cups of corn starch?!?” Then they look at the food we’ve prepared and wonder if it’s edible. Hopefully I’ve more about cooking since that particular disaster.

Sigh… It passed far too quickly, and it was worth every second.

Merry Christmas to you, Joe and Lora!

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