Honey Harvest 2015, part 2

I bottled the honey from the harvest a few weeks back. As is usual, I put all the wet wax out for the bees to pick through and salvage what they could.

And then I sat in the middle the swarm (took my first sting of the year as well, though from a wasp).


Dave Loveless–10/10/2015

Pretty Incredible! Here’s another shot of the same swarm.


Dave Loveless–10/10/2015

After sitting for a while, I started noticing which bees were from the same hive and which were not. Most of the bees largely ignored each other, but there was quite a bit of fighting, including this lovely little lady who was nursing the stump of her missing legs.


Dave Loveless–10/10/2015

Poor thing.

I don’t remember seeing fighting like that the last few years, though now that I think about it, I suppose I wouldn’t have noticed it. In the new house, the spot I chose for the pan of wax was just outside the kitchen window. In our old house, it was out the back door and in a secluded area of the yard. Hard to see and watch.

As the beekeeping year comes to a close, I’ve settling into a comfortable happiness with the bees. I admit that I could take it or leave it at this point, but that I’d prefer to take it. I like having bees. I like being unique in that way, I like what I can do for my local ecosystem, I like the fresh honey, I like having something to do and be engaged in, and I like having something to look forward to each spring. I like being a beekeeper.


Honey for harvest–9/26/2015

Two hives seems just about perfect. It’s enough to be busy without being busy. It’s enough to get us the honey we typically use, have a little left over for friends and family, and the wax we like to use for lotions and stuff.

I want to make at least one more visit to the hives before this year wraps up (probably next week and hopefully with some mite strips for Inside Hive). I don’t want to lose that hive. I think I’ll find another batch of harvestable frames on that hive for another gallon or two, but I admit that I don’t know that I’ll take them. I don’t need more honey, and I am loathe to take from them more than I need.


Honey Harvest–9/26/2015

And so closes year… 6? I think this was the sixth year for beekeeping. Not that it matters.

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One Response to Honey Harvest 2015, part 2

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Could you put some wax back into the top of each hive instead, so only the bees in that hive can get at it? Cuts down on robbing, fighting and possible spread of disease.

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