How I spent my afternoon

I made my annual fall pilgrimage up to the bee store to buy sheets of foundation for gifts. I roll a few hundred sheets into candles each fall and then give those out as Christmas gifts come the holiday season. It’s pricey (about $130 for a box of sheets), but I get up to 30 candles out of it, and that’s about $4 a gift. Not bad.

Kiffen went with me this year as he often does, and to make the trip more interesting for him, I asked if there were anywhere he wanted to stop by. The Lego Store.

This was the result:


It took me most of the afternoon to put it together, and I had a blast. I haven’t played with Legos in years, but apparently I have a new (and rather expensive) hobby. That right there is $140 hard-earned/saved dollars. I was sorely tempted by Slave1 as well, but I held off. That would have been another $200. And then there was the Sydney Opera House ($320), London Bridge ($350), and a pirate ship ($90). We barely escaped with our lives….

And it was completely worth it.

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One Response to How I spent my afternoon

  1. Schutzenegger says:

    Now to build a fleet!

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