How to Get Lollipops (OR Myron Broke His Arm)

How to get lollipops according to Myron:

  1. Get on the neighbor’s trampoline and start jumping.
  2. Wait until some girls get on the trampoline.
  3. Flee from the girls because girls are gross by just jumping off.
  4. Land awkwardly on your wrist.
  5. Break your arm near the wrist in two places.
  6. Complain about it until dad takes you to the instacare in the morning.
  7. Get X-rays.
  8. Get a splint.
  9. Milk the nurses for all they’re worth and walk out with TWO lollipops and a smile from ear to ear at your success.

We had dessert with some neighbors last night. We’ve been having a few neighborhood friend troubles, and the “troublemaker” is another neighbor kid. We had a pow-wow with this other family last night to try and see if there were anything we could do to help diffuse the situation a little and also give opportunities for growth and friendship with everyone. I really like these neighbors (this is the third or fourth time we’ve had a chat like this), and I very much appreciate their eagerness to find peace and happiness with everyone. It makes for a great neighborhood.

As we were talking, Myron was playing outside with their kids on the trampoline. For whatever reason he decided to jump off the trampoline. We didn’t see it, but we’re guessing he got some good air and landed right on his wrist. I didn’t know this, but bones in young kids are spongy, so they don’t snap when they break. They more bend and expand like a soft tissue. He broke both bones just past his wrist.

He seems to be handling the pain well enough, but I realized we were all in trouble this morning when we walked past the big bowl of lollipops. His eyes went to the bowl, and I could see the gears turning. He got the first lollipop after successfully sitting still for the X-rays, but you could see it immediately click in his head that doing well at the doctor meant lollipops. From that point on, every success was followed by a request for yet another lollipop. He had the nurses in stitches by the time we left with, of course, two lollipops in his hands.

After church today, his friends came over with get well cards and cookies. It was a sweet gesture. We are very grateful that he’s got friends. The one boy in that family even volunteered to draw a space ship on Myron’s cast when he gets his final cast on Wednesday. This kid, Wyatt, is an answer to sincere prayer for us. We’ve long been scared that Myron wouldn’t make good friends because of his autism, but he has. Wyatt is the kind of friend who fills that wonderful role of true peace maker. Someone who doesn’t stand for cruelty and meanness in others and who watches for the kid who just simply needs a friend. We are more than happy he’s taking an interest in being Myron’s friend. It’s a good thing.

And who knows, maybe Myron will score enough lollipops to share with everyone. Knowing him, I’d put your money on the boy with the cast.

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