My Gallbladder

Okay, so I’m going to wander a bit in my post here to give ample space for people who don’t want to actually see the picture of my gallbladder to make a quick exit, stage right.

Dr. Sheffield told me the other day that my picture was ready for pick up. He also seems to get a little excited when he talks about the picture, and I think it’s because it was so very nasty. I showed the picture to a bunch of the guys at the office. One called it cute, another called it yummy. One said it was fantastic, and the last guy turned just a touch white and looked at my seriously and said, “That’s out of you, right?” Oh goodness yes.

So a typical healthy gallbladder is a nice healthy color (don’t ask me what color… I’m colorblind, and I just don’t think of things that way). When you see the picture (let’s dawdle a bit more for those who want to escape that sight), you’ll notice that it looks really tight and swollen. It is. Dr. Sheffield said that it was close to bursting, and we were lucky to get it out when we did. You’ll notice the fantastic rainbow of colors… One of the guys at work said it was “a rainbow of sick.” Appropriate description.

Sigh… It’s time to post the picture.

If you don’t want to see it, time to bail….

I warned you….


There it is. Yuck.

On top is the liver, below is internal fat, which is normal but honestly got me eager to get back to exercising. Seeing your insides can do that to you.

I’m so glad this monster is gone.

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5 Responses to My Gallbladder

  1. Cool, but then that’s coming from a former medical photographer!

  2. Emmerin Schutz says:

    That is scarily disgusting. I’m glad that thing is out.

  3. Now I want to see what a healthy one looks like! My mom has a video of her gall bladder surgery. 😀

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