Of Dentists and Billing

So our old dentist has always had interesting billing practices. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve been billed for something to see a credit issued later.

A few months ago, we got a late notice for a rather large bill ($260). We hadn’t been to that dentist (pre-move) since around October, so we decided to call and question the bill. We were promised they’d look into it, but we called our insurance as well, which verified that we shouldn’t owe anything. We told the dentist this, never heard back, and assumed it was all taken care of.

Fast forward to this week when we get a notice from the dentist threatening to forward the bill to collections. This is, of course, after almost three months with no word of any kind from the dentist. I always love a good threatening letter, especially when it was three months between contacts and they go straight from friendly to angry.

So back on the phone with the dentist. I went over everything item by item (Courtney had gathered all the details earlier and written them out), and laid out our case. I also chastised them for the nature of the letter. The office manager promised to review everything and get back to me. Having heard that before, I made a note to follow up in a few days.

I got the call back from the dentist that afternoon. Not only did we not owe them anything, but we had a credit for $15! I briefly thought about threatening to send them to collections…. 🙂 Instead, I laughed, told them to keep it, and hung up. It’s honestly not worth the pain of trying to get a check sent out.

Sigh… Remember to question and call on any bills that you don’t understand. Medical bills are notoriously bad and known for their inaccuracies, and far too many people just accept them at face value. Don’t!

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2 Responses to Of Dentists and Billing

  1. angela52689 says:

    AMEN. I hate calling people on the phone but I definitely will for bill stuff because I don’t want headaches building up. It only gets more complicated. I love my medical bill tracking system (https://asdeckerfamily.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/awesome-insurance-organization/). It’s saved me SO MUCH hassle. (Well, after having to sift through 2 years’ worth of my own mistakes and those of the clinic first…)

  2. Oh, that drives me nuts! I was told Carmen’s filling would be $40, but it ended up being $100 because our insurance doesn’t cover nitrous oxide, but our dentist won’t do work on kids without it. Well thanks for the heads up!

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