Who needs a fence…


We had a monster wind storm come through the area last night. Gusts easily into the 50s, and I suspect substantially higher in small areas. Our area was nailed hard. I got a call from Courtney around 4:00 telling me our fence in the back was coming down. I wasn’t really concerned until she said that the bees were in trouble as well.

Have you ever tried to move a hive in a wind storm? 🙂

I’m glad I did. One of the fences that came down came down right where the bees were at, and had they still been there, they would have been crushed. Since we now have several inches of snow falling (what happened to spring?!?!?), they would have certainly died even if they survived the fence.


Because of the wind and cold, I had to move the entire hive as a unit, and those little boogers have been very busy. I’d guess the hive weighed close to 120 – 150 lbs. I ended up tying it all together and lifting it using the ropes. What a pain, and the bees were very unhappy. Fortunately (or sadly…) any attacker was quickly blown away in the wind.


All told we lost 12 big panels and had several 6X6 inch posts snapped in half. And I think we were one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood. Pretty much everyone lost their fence last night, but we didn’t have any big trees to worry about like some others did. The insurance adjustor is coming out today to tell us what the insurance will cover. We share the damaged fence line with three neighbors, so it’s going to be a royal pain figuring out who pays what. We spoke with everyone, though, and I’m hoping we can come to an agreement fairly quickly and easily about what and who should pay what. Some of the fence panels are probably salvageable, which helps.

Good thing we have an emergency fund….


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7 Responses to Who needs a fence…

  1. angela52689 says:

    Yay homeownership! 😛

  2. Emily Scott says:

    Woah, that is some crazy weather. Relieved you and the bees are ok.

    • daveloveless says:

      Thanks. It’s been wild for sure! My biggest fear is that we had a super fast drop in temperature (high 70s to low 40s) in about two hours. I’m hoping the bees moved fast into a cluster!

      Everyone who installed new packages in the last week or two have their fingers crossed for sure.

  3. What a pain! Oh, did you hear our bee story here in Washington? A truck load of bees overturned on an interstate. Millions of bees everywhere.

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