Movie Review: Big Hero Six


Nothing has changed in regards to me being typically late for movie reviews. We finally caught this one off a Redbox the other night. It was fantastic.


More so than many of the “kid” movies that we adults are subjected to, this one was compelling and fun for Courtney and I as well. The movie is genuinely funny with the innocence of Baymax (the robot), intimate with the themes of death and grief, and engaging with the science, growth, and interactions. The friendship that develops between Hiro and Baymax is real and comfortable and attractive. The animation and artwork is stunning, and much like How to Train Your Dragon did, it drives the story by pulling you in.

One last plug… The combination of San Francisco and Tokyo was intriguing with cultural elements scattered throughout. Add a touch Mr. Lee and… This is a good one for the kids and the adults.


Hmmm…. Myron didn’t quite understand the death in the film. We had to talk through it a little. That’s not really a con; mostly just a “if you have a kid that struggles with that…” kind of statement.

I really can’t say much else on the negative side. We ended the film and I immediately added it to our Christmas list.


This was a good one. I’d give it a solid 4/4 stars. It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s beautiful, and while the storyline is a little too cliche (and easy to guess), it was still interesting and engaging. It’s got replay in it for sure.

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2 Responses to Movie Review: Big Hero Six

  1. Travis says:

    While I agree mostly with your review, I have to knock it down a bit because the basic plot was little more than a Scooby Doo plot. It may as well have been Farmer Jones from down the street with all of the nanobots – who would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids!” But, the emotion, humore, and amazing design of both San Franokyo, and Baymax almost made up for it. But- Best Animated Picture of the year over How to Train Your Dragon 2? I think not!

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