Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness Day, and here’s your friendly reminder that the large number of people who experience autism daily (both people who have autism and the people who support them) are all around you. As someone who deals with my aspie son on a daily basis, I always appreciate when someone recognizes him and loves him and treats him just like he deserves to be treated.

Like a person.

And to help, here’s a small handful of some of my favorite recent Myronisms:

Myron on Eating

Me: Myron, you need to hurry and finish your food.

Myron: [waves his hand toward me aggressively] Avada Kedavra!

(Can you tell he’s been enjoying and loving Harry Potter?)

Myron on Movies

His new favorite movie is the Iron Giant. At the end, the Iron Giant “dies.” Even though Myron has seen this movie upwards of 50 times and even though Myron knows quite well that the Iron Giant isn’t actually dead, he still wails like the damned each and every time. It’s only slightly ridiculous. 🙂

Myron on Math

Me: Myron, what’s 1+1?

Myron: (thinking) … … 2

Me: Good job! What’s 1+2?

Myron: Dad… That’s not possible.

Myron on Church and Health

Myron: Dad?

Me: Yes, Myron?

Myron: I’m sick. [fake cough] Can we stay home from church?

Me: You’re not sick, bud. We’re going to church.

Myron: Can I have candy then?

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2 Responses to Autism Awareness Day

  1. Lora Leigh says:

    I love reading the Myronisms! His Iron Giant one cracks me up.

    • daveloveless says:

      You should hear it! It is the most pathetic thing ever. The first time we heard it, we assumed something truly tragic had happened. Nope, just the cartoon robot on the TV “dying…”

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