… and maybe not

Well, I thought I was going to go to Barcelona. Turns out that the presentation needs changed, and someone was better suited for the spot.

To be honest, I’m glad. I’m not one to get excited about business travel. It’s really more sitting in hotels and working remote than seeing and having fun anyway. That being said, I’m a touch bummed about not seeing Barcelona. It is on a very short list of cities I want to visit some day. I wouldn’t rank these in any particular order, but on the international scene, I’d like to visit these cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Dubai
  • Istanbul
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • London (visited as a teenager)
  • Rome (and when I say Rome, I really mean all the great Italian cities)
  • Sao Paulo (lived there for two years, but I would love to go back)
  • Sydney

Maybe next time.

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