Mid-winter Bees

We just got home from church. It’s been quite the warm spell, and I took a peek out the back window and…

… the girls are flying. 🙂

Of course, in the 15 minutes it took me to run inside to grab the camera and get back out, the sun had gone down enough that they went back in, but I saw activity at both hives. Hive 2, the combined hive from fall, is big. Hive 1 is less so, but it was shaded by Hive 2. Could be that they were on the way in before I got home.

I’ve been worried about them since hearing from a friend about his bees. He checked yesterday, and was down a hive. Starvation most likely with, sadly, honey only a few cells away. How depressing to be so close to life and unable to break cluster for the cold. Poor things.

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One Response to Mid-winter Bees

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Fondant is good to feed them in winter if starvation is a risk. Our hives have nearly finished their first slabs this winter, so we’ve given them a second. They have plenty of honey but the fondant is a back-up.

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