The art of breakfast in bed

Katherine has made me breakfast in bed for my birthday for the past several years. It’s always one of my favorite things, and I feel gently spoiled by her attentions. I still remember a few years ago where she waited to get dressed until she saw what I was wearing so that she could match. Adorable.

So one thing she does that always makes me laugh is how she prepares the food. She starts by writing out a menu. It’s carefully prepared with a title and nice list of food. She then goes down the list and prepares each item individually before moving on to the next item. If you think that through, you can see the problem…. When you cook the eggs first, then cook the toast, and then make the orange juice, the eggs get a little cold.

Tasty, but cold.

It’s always fun, though, and I definitely appreciate the gesture. It’s wonderful to be loved.

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One Response to The art of breakfast in bed

  1. Happy Birthday belated! You have sweet kids. 🙂

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