Remembering Bobert!


I was walking through Wal-mart today doing some last minute Christmas shopping, and I saw these:


And I just need you to know that even after ten years, you are still wrong. They are utterly and completely disgusting. 🙂

Love you dude,


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4 Responses to Remembering Bobert!

  1. angela52689 says:

    I will eat them for you!

  2. Orange sticks? Never heard of them. But suspect at least one Terry’s chocolate orange will be given at Christmas 😉 Have a happy holidays!

  3. Bob says:

    Ha ha! I’m touched you remembered Dave! I remember Brett Gilbert eating one for the first time and he thought I had tricked him. He assumed it would be chocolate all the way through and when he got to the jelly he nearly gagged. Great times! (P.S. Guess what you’re getting for your Christmas treat from us this year?)

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