In danger… of being bored

Tomorrow night I finish my Masters of Education with my oral defense. I’m quite confident that it will go swimmingly and that I’ll be passed. But as I sat down on Saturday to conclude my presentation for the masters, I realized that I’m in extreme danger of being… bored.

As I’ve waited the last three weeks for my thesis to be approved and the oral defense to be scheduled, I’ve explored some books (read six), got into some old things I enjoyed, and what not, and I’m admittedly just plain not interested in most of those things.

I need a hobby.

Any ideas? It has to be cheap, it has to be engaging (read: challenging and enriching), it has to be something I can do frequently and then set aside for six months and then jump in again.

One thought I’ve had is that we did the alphabet books a few years ago and stopped before too long. The basic idea is that every two weeks we go get a book from the library. The author name starts with a progressive letter of the alphabet (a then b then c then…). The point is to help us become more familiar with different authors and genres and, hopefully, find new authors we enjoy. Last time, I discovered Ben Bova, a sci-fi author who was fairly enjoyable. Anyway, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks, so every year you would run the entire alphabet. It was fun, but we stopped at D because, coincidence, I started my masters.

But I do need a hobby. I’m not really artistic, I enjoy writing, I enjoy working outside (too expensive!). I don’t want to see myself getting into useless activities (gaming, watching movies, etc).

Yep… definitely need a new hobby.

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8 Responses to In danger… of being bored

  1. David says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Family History.

    • daveloveless says:

      I’ve thought that. I’m doing a lot of indexing (or was…). I have a goal of indexing 25,000 names by next September, and I’ve done just over 5,000. I’m a touch behind….

  3. Lora Leigh says:

    Cooking/Baking… just be sure to give some of the baked goods away. 🙂 Otherwise it’s a dangerous hobby.

    • You’re the second person to suggest that. 🙂 I gave her the same response: I’m trying to be healthy, not gynormous. Then again, gynormous has some pleasurable benefits, such as the process of becoming gynormous.

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