Keys, moving, good bye

We picked up the keys the other night. Third time walking through the house. It surprises me that we (collective there) buy a home after only walking through it a time or two. When you consider that a home is most likely the most expensive decision you will ever make by a long shot, once or twice is simply not enough time. And yet, it works.

Walking through the home again last night, I just kind of fell in love with it all over again. It’s just the right home. The previous owners were there, and it was good to talk to them. They wanted to meet with us to give us the keys, walk through the house and show us things they were leaving behind, and also make sure we knew where things were and how to handle the house (sprinklers, filters, etc). I don’t know that they’d admit to it, but I think they were also hoping to tell us some of what the experienced during the sale.

They shared with us the spiritual side to it all. They had prayed that the home would go to a family who would love it and grow well here. When it went under contract the first time, they weren’t necessarily disappointed, but they also didn’t see how that was going to work out. So when that fell through and we walked through the door….

Let’s just say there’s a reason they waited while we battled through those issues we faced. And let’s also just say that the feeling was mutual in return.

When we went to see the house that first time, Courtney and I slipped into what will be Courtney’s office/art room and said a quick, private prayer. We then went upstairs and offered on the home verbally. It was that palpable.

The home is just right. It’s a peaceful home. A good feel home. Even with all their stuff out and the mess of late-stage move around us, you could just feel that it was a home. A real home. And the kids running around happily added to that. Room for them to run, too!

The previous owners left–there’s really no other way to say this–a plethora of stuff for us. Furniture, shelving (SHELVES!!!!), storage bins, tools, gardening equipment, appliances, curtains, and I could go on and on. There are a few things that I found out about that I did not tell Courtney. Those’ll be a surprise for her to find. And they are probably above some of the things that she’s already just giddy about. hehe… And now she’s wondering what they could be. 🙂

Walking away from the home last night, we just felt… gratitude. What a wonderful gift to us.

These last two years or so have been traumatic for us. Hard. Duly impossible. I would not want to claim that this is the Lord saying, “Thanks for hanging on, here’s a cookie,” but…. I think that the Lord knows what the last two years have done to us. Done to me personally. I’m not the same person I was just a few short years ago. Refined I would like to think. Impurities burned out, whatever those may be. But also… damaged. Hurt. Still recovering. None of the scars can leave permanent damage because, frankly, they aren’t worth being damaged over, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t hurt.

This new direction for us isn’t a reward for making it through the fire. It’s a new opportunity. It’s a chance to reground, reset, and prepare for the next battle and the next curve. And it’s a blessing.

As I’ve approached the opportunities of coming into this home, this neighborhood, I’ve been especially cognizant that we are in truth coming into a ward. That’s why the Lord is leading us here. At least a large measure of it.

When all was falling apart, I read about Alma the Elder and his people in the land of Helam (Mosiah 23-24). Before the Lamanites came and invaded the land but after they fled from the wicked King Noah, they had a time of incredible peace and strength. We are leaving Noah behind; I don’t know when the Lamanites are coming.

Welcome to Helam.

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2 Responses to Keys, moving, good bye

  1. David says:

    wish we could be there to help with your move but we’re out of town. Have FUN!

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