It’s been quite the journey, but we closed on both our old house and our new house this last Tuesday. Now starts the rush to getting packed and moved out on time!

The plan right now is to move over the Thanksgiving holiday. I will take the first half of the week off work to pack, clean, and prepare. Then we’ll move Friday and unpack Saturday. We’re very excited to move on and get ourselves reestablished in a new home, neighborhood, and ward.

As I’ve thought about leaving, there are a few things that I’ve thought I’ll really miss both about our current home and the people/neighborhood around us. I will miss the character of our home. The woodstove, the organized, clean calm of it all. I’ll miss the familiarity of closeness. This new house is so big that it’ll be possible to get lost. That is both good and bad.

I will miss many of the people around us. Close friends and members of our current and past wards who were big supports, friendly smiles, and happy arms. It’s amazing some times how distance, no matter how small, changes relationships. I hope we can avoid it even knowing now that we won’t.

I will miss the Provo Bakery. 🙂 I’m not ashamed to say that.

I will not miss the speed. I will not miss the crowds and the large numbers of people. I will not miss being surrounded by apartment complexes.

I will miss being a block from the library, a few from the grocery story. I will not miss being only a block from downtown.

I will not miss the school our kids go to.

I will miss my sycamore. It’s ugly since it dropped that monster branch two years back, but it’s still one of the key definers of our home. I will miss the tulips and daffodils I’ve watched spread and grow for over eight years now.

I will not miss the grape hyacinths that have plagued the entire neighborhood.

I’m not sure if I’m going to miss missed opportunities. I’ve done my part. I refuse to miss that which wasn’t in my power anyway, especially when I made the effort.

I will miss my bee yard. Has any urban bee yard ever been more perfect? And I will miss the abundance of food sources for my bees. Few of my neighbors ever cared for their lawns, and the bees had a bounty of early dandelions and other “weeds” to feast on along with thousands of fruit trees.

I will miss being close to BYU. I love the atmosphere that school creates. Some people call it the bubble. I’ve always seen it more as a shield.

I will not miss a tiny back yard except when I have to mow the new one. I will not miss not having a place to just throw the kids outside without worry and anxiety of neighbors speeding down the driveway.

I will not miss the past. I’m looking forward to resetting and renewing… life. I was talking to Courtney last weekend, and I realized that we have missed what may be an unknown development stage in our marriage. In our area, people get married in college typically, mature in that environment with all their friends, and then move and see their marriage turn inward. Courtney and I never left the college environment. In some ways, we have yet to experience that really strong inward turn that comes from moving away from the speed and pace of college life. That will be a wonderful change I expect.

But… I will miss Provo. I will miss that home. The new buyers told us last week that they plan on holding it for a few years, buying out the neighbor, and then tearing the property down and building a six-plex. That breaks my heart. I don’t want to come back in ten years and show my kids the lot they lived on. I want to show them, the home.

And I hope it’s still yellow.

And I will surely miss the yellow. 🙂

And yes, it definitely helps that the new buyers call our house, the Bee House.

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5 Responses to Closed!

  1. angela52689 says:

    The bee house. 🙂 Definitely take pictures and you could even do a video tour for posterity.

  2. Lora Leigh says:

    What a lovely post. And a wonderful name for your first house. I hope the move goes smoothly. Moves are always a little scary. A little exciting. A little sad. But definitely hopeful. 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to read about all of our adventures in your new home.

  4. I will miss the cozy bee house too. Sure, it was hard to sleep all the kids in one room during a visit. But I do have good memories of those visits, layered with even more memories of college days in that neighborhood!

    Come to think of it, you’re my last tie to Provo and my college days! My only other friends left in Provo came after college, with my marriage to Sarah.

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