Going, going, gone!!!


Yeah, it’s not the best of pictures, but it’s what I could pull off the website easily.

That, my friends, ist le casa. We offered last Thursday, and the offer was accepted Friday afternoon. We close in two weeks. I’d tell you where and all, but this is NOT a password protected post, and, well….

So let me tell you the story:

I first saw this house on the multiple listing service (MLS) about six weeks ago. I crossed my fingers hoping it’d be on the market when we sold ours and, of course, it wasn’t. Sadness. However, Tuesday night, it came back up. The previous buyer fell through for whatever reason, and we were eager and ready. I called our realtor up to go see it, and he said we could go see it the next Tuesday because he was going out of town. At first we were okay with that, but then I just got that feeling. Go now or lose it.

We had his partner take us the very next night. We were able to meet the sellers while there, and we hammered out a verbal deal standing in their office. Then we went out to the driveway and wrote the offer. It was that impressive of a house.

The house has four beds/three baths and three family rooms (!) plus a living room, dining room, and kitchen. It has massive amounts of storage, a monstro sized deck, a massive backyard (.25 acres) that backs up to a park, and it is on a quiet cul-de-sac in a wonderful, family neighborhood.

If I had a complaint, it would be that the house is spread across five levels. You can see the standard tri-level in the picture, and this house has a basement under the bottom two levels for five levels. But even that I’m okay with because it works well.

Not sure what else to say about it…. The sellers are leaving their nice exercise equipment, all their lawn care equipment, and the hot tub. We will probably sell off a lot of what we don’t need (including the hot tub) and use that to do things that we really want, like get chickens and build my bee yard.

We close on Halloween assuming that everything goes smoothly, and we’ll take the month of November to move in slowly.

We’re really excited!

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4 Responses to Going, going, gone!!!

  1. I am so excited for you guys! 😀 More room for the kids and looks like lots of room for food storage too.

  2. angela52689 says:

    !!!!! My parents’ house is also 5 levels. You walk in to the main living/kitchen/dining, it’s a half level down to the family room, full down to basement. go up a full level from the main floor to the bedrooms, and then a half level up to the master suite. It works. What are yours like?

  3. Lora Leigh says:

    Congratulations! That is big news!!! And exciting too. Happy moving!

  4. Emily Scott says:

    That would be my dream house!

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