Honey Harvest, September 13, 2014

We harvested on Saturday. It was a fairly pathetic harvest this year. Out of four hives, we got a grand total of two gallons. 😦

Still, it’s nice to harvest. It’s a reminder of one of the reasons I do what I do.


Angela was kind enough to help this time in addition to Shiloh. To say thank you, two bees decided to get very close and personal by crawling up her pants and stinging her.

I took quick looks at Hives 2 and 3 again, and the shrinking of the hives seems to have done them good. The empty spaces are filling up with honey, and I think they might pull through. I hope they do.

I did not look at the Top Bar.

Sadly, I had a video from Angela showing the harvest, but WordPress won’t accept MP4 files….

While it’s not quite time to be done for the year, it’s close. I’d guess a few more visits at most. Maybe two or three. It’s been an interesting year for beekeeping. Nice to get new people involved (Shiloh and Joseph in particular, but also Angela and others). While it was a disappointing harvest, it was nice to reclaim it for me. To do it for me and my enjoyment. And at the same time, it was still a little rough from time to time. Frustrating. I was glad to take a sting right there at the end. I was wondering if I was going to make it a year, but I don’t think I want to. I find when I go a while without a sting, I become far more worried about the stings, and then when one happens, I spend the next few visits a touch panicky and cautious. It’s better to just have it happen and be done with it.


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