Date Night

Date night is something that just doesn’t happen that often for us. It’s hard to battle down four kids, find babysitters, and even fit it into our schedules. I think we get a lot of  couch dates (sitting on the couch watching a movie or a football game), but getting out? Not that common.

So Courtney asked me out this past Thursday (the first time since high school that I’ve been asked out!!!), and we had brats and watched the BYU game. Angela and Steve even donated two of their prophet beards to the occasion.


I’m sporting a classic Brigham, and Courtney has the Taylor if I remember right. I’m starting to get the attraction of the bearded lady thing…. 🙂

And we even won the game!

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3 Responses to Date Night

  1. Lora says:

    Spouse dates are great. They help Joe and me remember why we became a couple in the first place! Maybe we’ll try the beards next time too. 🙂

  2. angela52689 says:

    She has the Karl G. (Maeser). Taylor is what you would have had if you wore the Brigham under your chin. Ew.

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