Autism and Giving

If you’re like me, I struggle sometimes to know how to give and help all the causes I care about. One that is very near and dear to my heart because of my son is autism. But where to start? I feel so overwhelmed helping just my own son that I don’t even know how to get beyond that.

To give you an idea, Myron started school. And he’s really struggling. He’s tried to run away a few times, spends most days crying, and has started to beg not to go. It has everything to do with his autism and the lack of support he’s finding there. And that’s not to say the school is purposely failing him, but it is failing him. They just don’t have the resources and skills needed to handle everything.

Because of that, we’re going to move Myron to Clear Horizons Academy in Orem. I toured the school today and was near overwhelmed by the confirming peace I felt walking through the doors. The school is dedicated to serving ONLY autistic children, and it is night and day difference from any experience I’ve ever seen. During my tour I was nearly killed by a six-year-old boy running full tilt down the hallway pushing a five-foot tall inflatable ball! He was being “chased” by his personal aid, and both were laughing so hard. I got to observe what would be Myron’s class, and the first thing I noticed is that all the kids where being constantly touched, hugged, and reassured by the teachers just like Myron needs (1 to 1 ratio, by the way!). Add in the support for parents, the resources on site, and the specialized equipment and training, and I just felt blown away by it.

However, the school is expensive. We will, of course, sacrifice and pay for it and be just fine, but one thing I found is that the school has an agreement with that if you buy anything through Amazon using the school’s link, Amazon will give a percentage to the school. Tuition at the school is $25,000 annually per student (80% covered through donations and gifts), and I figured that this was such a simple way of helping not only Myron, but the dozens of other current and future students that I’d throw it out there. We are fortunate enough that we can make the tuition payments by tightening our belts. There are so many kids out there that just can’t.

Here’s the link:

Basically, if you shop at Amazon, you start there, and all it does is it just credits a portion of your purchase to the school. So if you’re wondering about the little things and how to help, this is an easy one. All you do is click a link and do the shopping you normally do anyway.

And if you need any more encouragement, let me just say that I saw 47 perfect, happy, beautiful autistic kids today. And one tried to kill me with an enormous inflated ball. 🙂

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3 Responses to Autism and Giving

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  2. angela52689 says:

    Love it. I’ll be sharing the link.

  3. Bob says:

    Sounds awesome, Dave. My son Jeremy doesn’t have autism but has similar issues and it is always a challenge trying to make sure he is getting the best help possible. The new school sounds awesome.

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