Hive Inspection, August 2, 2014

Going out of order this time….

Top Bar

Dead. No queen, no brood, very little honey. I’m not even going to try to save this hive. Each time I open it up, there are five or six bees battling on the bottom (robbers I assume), and the bees that are in the frames are small in number. The emergency queen I found last time is long gone. Oh well. I guess it makes it easier to figure out moving for this hive. Such is life.

Hive 3

The egg-laying worker is still alive and well, but so is the hive. I do worry that the drones are going to starve this hive out, but I’m thinking the queen pheromone (she’s there and happy) will eventually drive down the egg-laying worker. I will not be harvesting off this hive so that they have all the resources they need going into the winter. Joseph and I spent a few minutes picking drones off the frames and throwing them out. 🙂 I’m sure they’ll just come right back, but it was still fun.

Hive 2

Doing well. Not as big as I had hoped by any means, but a strong hive with good stores. I’m probably going to get be able to get a bit off this hive in terms of a harvest, but I’m also okay leaving it. It’s a good hive.

Hive 1

Ah, my beloved Hive 1…. This is the genetic line that just kills me to lose. Truly. In fact, if I can figure out how to move the bees, it will be solely because I want to keep this hive! Even if I do sell this hive, I plan on coming back next spring to take a split off of it to take with me and get the genes back. So how is it doing? Bursting at the seems. Since three weeks ago, they have packed their honey super full. They’d started packing the deeps as well! I’ve added a second honey super, which I hope they will fill up pretty fast. And the deeps are loaded with brood as well.

I love this hive!

As for the future, I’ll be doing our honey harvest in two weeks. Given timing, We will put what we can in a five-gallon bucket and throw the lid on top. We’ll just have to deal with it all later. If we get a bit more than five, that is going to everyone who has helped this summer. If we get closer to ten gallons, we’ll get a second bucket. Anything that comes in after that date is for whoever buys the hives. Such is life.

It was good to be out there today. Refreshing, interesting, and relaxing.

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