The miraculous last four weeks

I debated hiding this post behind a password given that there is some information here that, if it got out to the wrong people, could impact life. However, what’s the fun of experiencing little miracles if you keep them to yourself?

Recently I noted on the blog that we’re moving. Well, it’s time to share the back story.

June 29th I was realized from the bishopric. For those non-LDS readers of mine, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, local congregations are led by a bishop and two counselors. This makes a bishopric. I had the privilege of serving as second counselor in the bishopric for a congregation of young single adults at BYU. It was a lot of fun and incredibly enjoyable. Another thing to note is that callings in the church are not something we seek; they are offered to us under revelation and inspiration by someone in authority. That same authority is used to determine when it is time for someone’s service to end. So it’s not a decision I make; it’s one the Lord makes and reveals through His chosen leader in the area.

So I was released. I didn’t want to be. In fact, at first I was pretty angry and frustrated. But the blessings of being released quickly came into place. See, the only reason we were still in this area was because of that calling. Normally, a person serves for about three years in the congregations at BYU before being released, and we had always planned on moving immediately when those three years were up. I only served one, and since that was the last thing holding us, we immediately decided to look into moving.

On June 27th, a job that can only be described as “dream job” opened at BYU-Idaho, a place I’ve long wanted to work and an area where I’ve long wanted to live. Had we not been released, we would never have looked. Also around this time, a house was listed for sale in Rexburg where BYU-I is located that was perfect for us in just about every way. Add in the fact that we were going to Rexburg for vacation on July 3rd, and we figured why not. We applied, went on vacation, and saw the house. And then we fell in love.

When we got home, we decided to mad-scramble our way through a house sale to see if we could sell in time to make that job at BYU-I a possibility. We spent the next four days cleaning, painting, fixing, and doing every other little thing to get this house ready. We listed July 15th.

We sold the house July 23rd. In eight days.

When is the close date for the house? The same day as the proposed start date for that job in Idaho. And yes, I have an interview.

And speaking of that interview, one of the interviewees is a former coworker of mine who I feel will speak positively and well for me. In addition to that, I called the bishop over the congregation where that new house is just to say hi, and the High Councilor he works with (think of a High Councilor as a traveling minister in a larger geographic area called a stake) is the guy conducting my interview.

I sit back and look at all the coincidences, timings, and speed of everything, and it all looks like miracles to me.

We’ve long dreamed of moving and getting to a place where we can raise our family in peace and have the land we’ve always wanted to create an independent, self-reliant lifestyle. Not only does this home have 2 acres of land with full animal rights, it’s in a pseudo sub-division with neighbors and families all around. Basically everything we’ve ever wanted… Here it is. Here it comes.

The only thing we have left to do is get that job, and we feel great about it. Hopeful.

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6 Responses to The miraculous last four weeks

  1. Lora says:

    We will pray for you, Dave. What an exciting month or so! Oh, and sorry about the vertigo. That sounds more on the bad-exciting side. I hope that goes away soon.

  2. angela52689 says:

    Well, yay!!! I love finding those miracles.

  3. Praying that what is supposed to happen will 🙂 You guys have always been good friends. Having you closer will be very nice, if it happens. Not letting my heart set on it just yet because you know. But hoping & praying.

  4. jayne bowers says:

    What awesome news! I have a feeling that the job is yours.

  5. When is your interview? Did you have it already?

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