Still trying to die….

Remember back in April when I was dying? Well, apparently I’m still trying to die.

Since Monday, I have felt off and on sick. Nothing major, just that feeling. Wednesday I got up to exercise, and I only made it through 8 minutes before I just could not go another step. I ate breakfast and that didn’t help, so I called in sick. By that afternoon, my joints were aching, my sinuses were pounding, I had a headache, fevers and chills, and the thought of eating was just gross.

Between the fevers and chills, I had moments of feeling fine, and then hard fevers where I just could not stay warm. Courtney wrapped me up in blankets, her robe, and turned off the swamp cooler, and still I couldn’t get warm. And the joint pain… I can handle just about anything except for joint pain. It feels like my joints are being hyper-stretched and they never let up. I can’t sleep, I can’t lay down, I can’t stand (I’m dizzy too! Yay….), and walking hurts as well. The only time I get joint relief is that very first second of moving to a new position, but as soon as that second passes, it comes roaring right back.

It’s in my knees, my ankles, my wrists, my lower back, and my hips. And my neck.

And then there is the tonsil. Just one on the right side. It looks like it has been rolled through a blender. Deep red, pussy, lumpy, and very soar.

I typically don’t get sick (at least not major sick), but when I do… I go all the way.

At least no barfing.



Just got back from Instacare. Strep. Joy… I haven’t had strep since I was a little kid.

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7 Responses to Still trying to die….

  1. Knock on wood! Knock on wood!

  2. Emmerin says:

    Kiffen has pneumonia. You should be dying friends.

  3. Emily Heath says:

    It sounds horrific. Hoping you get better extremely fast.

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