16 months!

Today I hit 16 months for my braces. So very close…. As far as I can tell, there are a few last holdout teeth that haven’t quite slipped into place yet on the top. They are mostly there, but not quite.

I spoke with the orthodontist last time I was there to see how close we were, and he said that we could be as soon as July/August or as late as next January. Oh please…. I am done with these things. I’m ready to have my mouth back, and I’m especially done with the constant minor cuts and scrapes that catch on the brackets and just hurt for days.

I’m a touch tempted to ask him if we can switch over to Invisalign for the last few months. That seems to be an increasingly common option. The only reason we didn’t for my teeth was he was hoping to get a bit of jaw movement. I’m not sure how much more jaw movement I need at this point or if my jaw will even move.

Ah… I don’t care. Just get this done!

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