Meeting Dave Ramsey

So I normally don’t win anything except for one thing: The annual essay contest for tickets to see Dave Ramsey’s show when he comes to town. Like usual, this year I won again, but this year had a special bonus: The grand prize winners got Premium tickets to see his show that night like normal, AND they were also invited to a special lunch with him and about 150 others the day of the show. And to prove it…


Just for the record, he’s quite down to earth, kind, and open. I really liked him. And yes, he signed the book in my hand as well. 🙂

I’ve long been a DR fan, and I enjoyed meeting him.

The show that night was loud (like a rock concert) and very long (over three hours). I don’t know that I’d go again, but I did think it was motivational for keeping us on track and moving forward. We’ve made it a big goal this year to get back into it and beating down our debts, and this show would help with that for sure. I’m not normally one to talk about financial successes in great detail, but we had a goal of paying off $10,000 in debt by the end of the year. Well, it’s May 15th, and…. 🙂

Apparently we should have doubled our goal! (And yes, we will.)

And just for the record, we are now officially 6.5 years without credit cards. It can be done!

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2 Responses to Meeting Dave Ramsey

  1. angeladecker says:

    That’s cool you got to meet him, and great job on the debt!!

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