Almost there!

I had my braces tightened yesterday. I’m at the 15-month mark now, and I asked the dentist how things were looking. He said we’re on track for July/August, but I’ve got three super stubborn teeth that have yet to move all the way in. He upgraded the wires, the bands, and even the brackets to put some extra torsion on those teeth, and yes, I hate when he says “torsion” and “torque” in relation to my teeth….

He did take off the top front six brackets to replace those, and it was fun to just sit there and stare at my (mostly) straight teeth in the mirror while they worked to prep everything. I was telling Courtney about that, and she said I was going to have a beautiful smile when all was said and done. 🙂

It’s been long enough now that I’m trying to remember what it felt like to not have braces. I hardly think about them that much anymore unless they are hurting or I’m trying to clean them (ugh, how I won’t miss that!), but still….

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3 Responses to Almost there!

  1. Emily Heath says:

    It will feel wonderful once they’re taken off and you can run your tongue over those flat surfaces. This time next year you’ll be free!

    • daveloveless says:

      I know it! When I had those six brackets off yesterday, that’s all I did. And to feel my lip against smooth teeth was amazing! It made me so eager to get them off and done.

      I know this has _NO_ comparison in reality, but it made me wonder if that kind of eagerness compared at all to what a woman feels towards the end of a pregnancy. I would give just about anything to be done with this, and you had better believe I’m throwing a huge party the day they come off!

      • Emily Heath says:

        I’ve never been pregnant so wouldn’t know either, but I see what you mean by the comparison – waiting so long for something, wanting the pain to be over and to see the end results… Enjoy that party, you’ll have earned it!

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