Google Fiber!


Yeah, so this is going to be a blatant plug for Google….

We had our Google Fiber installed this morning. We just went with the basic package, which is free! And it’s not that bad of a connection either (5mb down and 1mb up). For what we typically do, that’s plenty. And like I said… free… for seven years. At least.

Our old internet was about $32 a month, so if we stayed the full seven years, that’s $2,688. Yeah, we’re fans.

If we ever do upgrade, the next option is the full 1GB connection at $70, which is still a great deal, but I doubt we do that any time soon. And that might be my only complaint–If Google had a mid-tier option, say 500mb for $35, I would have done that without batting an eye, but it’s either basic or rocket speed.

Even then, the positives far outweigh the negatives in my mind, especially the work Google will do with schools and expanding connectivity in the schools. The only cost with the installation is a $30 install fee, but all the equipment is free (the even provided a router), and since everything is tied through my gmail account, I manage my network right there. Compared to what I used to have to do, this is a dream.

When all this is done, if you live in my city and do not have Internet, that’s an active choice on your part. What a huge blessing this is going to be for the community!

Makes me wonder what Google will do next.

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3 Responses to Google Fiber!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting to request service in January, wait . . . wait . . .

  2. Sarah L. says:

    I didn’t know that even existed!

  3. Emmerin says:

    Jealous! And realizing how much we pay for internet. $2k! Ouch!

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