Would you have seen it?

So one of my best friends, Jeff, and his wife have been trying to add a green house unto their house for the last few months. They feel pressed to do this, and their home is ideally set up to take the addition quite easily.

Over the past few months, they’ve found all the materials for significant discounts, and the last big project they needed to do was dig and pour the foundation. But winter comes early where they are at (Rexburg, ID), and they were concerned that they had missed the deadline to pour the foundation because of freezing temperatures.

On Sarah’s encouragement, they decided to dig the foundation anyway. And what did they find just under the soil? A foundation already poured and ready to go.

Now the question I had for me (and for you) is this: Did you see the miracle? Did you see the hand of the Lord in finding that foundation or did you just chalk it up to luck?

Miracles, in my experience, are often a matter of perception and recognition. And gratitude.

I was counseling one of the students in my singles ward yesterday, and I felt impressed to tell her just how wonderful the world is. And yes, this was yesterday in the middle of one of my harder days. And the thought occurred to me again, “Did I see the miracle?”

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One Response to Would you have seen it?

  1. Sarah L. says:

    That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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