Pictures from the Market

I forgot that Angela took a handful of pictures from the farmers market last Saturday. Here they are:


Here’s the view from the sidewalk. That’s honey with the yellow and red caps, lotions with the black, candles on the right, and a nucleus hive for show in the middle. Oh, and no one quite pulls off that look that Steve is doing there on the right like Steve does. I think that look describes Steve better than anything else I could ever say. 🙂


The three of us chatting in the shade. That’s Kiffen in the bottom right with his cross-stitch, which was arguably one of the bigger draws! I think the highlight was when a very grandmotherly woman hawkishly swooped down on Kiffen and demanded to see the back claiming that “you can tell the quality from the back!” She inspected it for about thirty seconds and then pronounced it “good” before leaving. Kiffen was so proud (and rightfully so).


And a side view of the display. All in all, I thought it was a nice little display, though I would want a larger table next year. Everything felt pretty darn crowded. I think I would keep more of it under the table next year as well. We only put out about a third of the candles and maybe half the honey.The hive took up a ton of room, which I wasn’t quite ready for. It was fun to see all the bees swarming our booth because of the honey in the candles and the honey on the frames from the nucleus hive. The hive itself was empty with new frames, but the manufacturers spray down the frames with beeswax to encourage the bees. I’d guess we had north of a dozen bees swarming the table at any given time.

It’s been two days now… I enjoyed it well enough, but that was a lot of work prepping for very little reward. If I were going back the next week, I think it would be more worth it but mostly because I’m already done with all the “work” at this point. And no, we are NOT going back on Saturday! 🙂 I have enough that I need to do in the rest of my life.

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