A sick and twisted condition….

Courtney thinks I’m sick and twisted….

See I have this problem. My sister and I share this problem, and that problem can be summed up quite simply by saying this:

It is now mid-September, and our Christmas Trees are not yet put up.

And no, it doesn’t help that my home is filled with the scent of piles of beeswax candles*.

So here’s what I’m thinking I’ll do…. I’m going to go home and subtly suggest to my kids that the sooner we get the tree up, the sooner Santa is going to come. Yes, it’s a lie. Yes, my wife will probably beat me to death. But it is completely, totally worth it.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go….

*One of the few unfortunate things about being American (yes, I admit it… I’m an obnoxious American) is that the Germans totally rock our worlds when it comes to Christmas. The Kris Kringle Markets are hands down the most incredible Christmas thing you’ll ever see, and the keystone of those markets are the beeswax candles. Tents filled with thousands of candles. The smell… It blows you away.

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5 Responses to A sick and twisted condition….

  1. angeladecker says:

    Bah! You *are* sick and twisted! I can understand crazies putting it up before Thanksgiving, but Halloween!? Humbug. 😉

    • daveloveless says:

      Just for that, I’ll make sure to set up our tree right where you will see it every time you walk out your front door! 🙂

      To tell the truth, we’ve gotten later and later with setting up our tree. This last year, we even made it past Thanksgiving, but only because we took one look at Carolyn and thought, “we’re doomed.”

  2. marlajayne says:

    If you’re serious about this, there are some retailers in SC who would be happy to help you out. Christmas stuff is everywhere!

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