Happy Fathers Day

A day late… like normal.

I had a great Fathers Day. It started on a very hard and difficult Saturday for me. Dad and I went to the Temple and had a good time, but the day from there on was just kind of rough and rocky for me. We did a big family lunch with everyone that afternoon, and it was just not the right thing to be doing for me.

Sunday morning, I was feeling a lot better. Katherine made me breakfast and cut me a rose to wear to church. Courtney showered me with gifts. Myron made me a T-rex pillow which he promptly stole back. 🙂 Carolyn gave me a kiss. I felt great.

That night, my local brothers came over, and we talked for about three hours. It was awesome to be with them and just… be with them.

And that’s about it. Oh, and I did a puzzle. Shattered my previous time for a puzzle of that size. 550 pieces in just under two hours. I find puzzles so relaxing and soothing.

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One Response to Happy Fathers Day

  1. marlajayne says:

    Okay, I know I haven’t seen your blog in a while so I must have missed something. It’s not like you to sound sick or down or stressed. What’s up?

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