Le Purge

Administrator Note: For some reason I always feel the need to put a note up on this particular topic. To be perfectly blunt, the purpose of the note is  not to lessen the impact of what we did and our reasons. It is, however, to highlight that his is our choice for our lives. We neither judge nor condone any action on your part, but we do invite you to seek answers for yourself. How can you know the answer to the question if you never ask the question?

Over the years, Courtney and I have been prompted to take steps to clean up the media in our home. We’ve done it three or four times now (I think). The first time through, we felt prompted to remove any movies that were clearly not appropriate for the lifestyles we wanted to lead. To be clear, I am not confessing to owning a stack of Rated R movies or other media. That has never been in the picture.

The second time, we felt prompted to go a little farther. And that has continued over the last several years.

The last purge, the stated goal was that we wanted to remove anything that we would not be comfortable watching, reading, or listening to should the Savior walk through the door. And with a standard like that, I kind of assumed that we had reached the pinnacle of this particular aspect of our lives.

Not quite….

On Monday, the prompting came again, and as I pondered what on earth we would do more than we had already done, the thought came that we had been waiting for the Spirit to come into our home, but we had not made an effort to invite the spirit into our home. And that is a key difference. The first is passive while the second is active. Seeking.

A week or so again, we watched Chariots of Fire with Mackay and his wife. It was inspiring to watch such a clean movie with such a great message. Afterward, I thought on how fun it was to not worry about what might happen next, what word might be said, or what we might see. I also remembered that in my parent’s house, there weren’t two shelves of movies. There was one: Family. And it was all safe to everyone no matter the age.

In our house, we have two: Mommy and Daddy and then one for the Kids. I don’t want that anymore. I just don’t. I want clean, safe family entertainment that the kids can have and watch any time.

So yes, the purge happened again Monday. I was surprised at some of what we decided to get rid of. I was especially surprised to find among the movies some that we had held back from previous purges because they were “too hard to get rid of.” They are all gone now.

And something that made it particularly easy for us is that in almost every case, we hadn’t even watched the movie in… years. Sometimes many years.

As we made these choices, it helped to have in the back of my mind the idea of inviting the Savior to watch the movie with us. That made it particularly easy to get rid of some choices I would have otherwise kept.

And on a related topic, we also added four films to our collection. Each are classic comedies, clean, and comfortable:

  • Bringing Up Baby
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  • Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

I’m also looking at getting Court Jester and Charade.

There is excellent, clean entertainment out there without descending into cheesy (check out Rise of the Guardians for a great example). We’re committed to finding it.

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1 Response to Le Purge

  1. Travis says:

    (You knew I would have to leave a comment). I applaud your further purge, however, I must sneak in a word or two. If you are truly trying to make sure that only appropriate movies are in your collection, as much as I love it, I would not recommend Charade. There are several moments and images with the murders that, while not graphic at all, are still rather disturbing. The plastic bag over the head? Just a thought.
    Secondly- Chariots of Fire? Really???? This is one of the 5 movies that I have hated in my entire moviewatching life. (Granted, my grandfather took me to it when I was 7 and I hated, hated, hated, hated it!
    I am sure that Chariots of Fire is a good film, but I have such bad memories, that I cannot even push the play button. (I did pick it up for 25 cents when my Blockbuster closed down and I promise that I will watch it again someday, but it is a battle. 🙂

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