First Inspection–March 16

First visit of the season!

Hive 5 is doing incredibly well. Super strong, full to the top, and ready to keep marching forward. I will definitely be able to get a nuc or two out of it.

Hive 1 and 3 on the other hand…. They are okay, but not great. Small coming out of winter, and I will be hard pressed to get solid nucs out of either one without causing some problems. I’m going to keep my eye on them for another week or two before building out the nucs. If I don’t think they’ll make it, I will have to decide whether to cancel the sales OR combine hives. I do have two packages to work with as well, but I really want to sell good nucs.

Anyway, it was awesome to get out among the girls again. I’m definitely ready for a good year!

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One Response to First Inspection–March 16

  1. Talking With Bees says:

    I’m jealous that you have bees. My Queen was killed by Laying Workers. I am now waiting for a swarm.

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