Nucs Sold!

And that is that!

I just sold all three nucs to a single buyer, which I’m thrilled about! And even better, it only took two days.

I’m glad to have the “selling” process done with, because now I can turn my attention to ordering the nuc equipment and preparing them. I decided I’m going to ship off my existing queens. They are all still strong and in the prime of their lives, and I feel more comfortable sending a mature, proven queen as opposed to a brand new queen that is an unknown.

I’m hoping to time this right to catch a good chunk of the spring nectar flow before my hive replaces the queen, but even then, there will be enough strength to get most of what I want, and then they’ll requeen during the hotter, less productive late spring.

I think the best part of all of this is that with this sale, I’m pretty much starting the year cost neutral, which is a first. We’ll make a bit of money, which I’m planning on pushing right back into the apiary in the form of wax foundation in preparation for the farmers market season. Here’s hoping to a happy, busy summer!

Now if it would just stop snowing….

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