Braces, Day 2

First off… NO, I do NOT intend to do this every single day. 🙂

Still feeling pretty good today, but I wanted to share something Mackay sent me. I made a few friends promise to gently tease me to help keep me honest and less caught up in my own self-pity (which is admittedly not really a problem). Here was his wonderfully pathetic contribution:

Braces, made of yummy metal-
why do I let dentists mettle?
You’re so ouchy on my face;
I’d rather eat the po-po’s mace.

He attempted to convince me that “po-po” was a real word because it appeared in the Urban Dictionary. 🙂

Though I will give him credit on that second line… It’s a question that I’ve wondered about an awful lot these last 48 hours.

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