Braces, Day 1

I briefly debated doing one of those type of blog entries. You know the kind….

Day 1, Hour 7, Minute 34 of wearing braces…. The monotonous ticking of the clock in the hall is communicating the darkness of its wishes to my mind. The blender must die… die… die….

And then I realized that kind of writing is a bit tedious. And disturbing….

The braces went on as planned yesterday. Overall, the “installation” wasn’t bad, although I always end up with a pretty sore neck/shoulders the day after from the chairs. I’m never comfortable in those chairs.

I did tell Courtney right when I walked in that I was down to only 13, 138 hours left! Sigh… I need to not think of it in those terms. I did put a notice in my calendar at work that will just announce each month. Just kind of a “You did it!”

I also ended up snapping a bracket off almost immediately. I have two crowns, and crowns don’t take to the brackets well. So this morning I was back in to have spacers put around the crowns. Next week, I’ll go in again and then put metal bands around the crowns, and then attach the brackets directly to the bands.

After that is done, everything should settle into the more routine checkup every so often. I did ask the dentist about being more aggressive because I have a pretty solid pain tolerance, but he said they were already pretty aggressive, though he would see how things went.

Speaking of pain, it was a touch uncomfortable to chew this morning, but I have had almost no pain at all. Certainly nothing as bad as it was when I had braces as a little kid. I distinctly remember telling my parents that I thought my teeth were “transparent.” At the time it was the only word I could think of that adequately described how painful it was.

So, I’m still trying to figure out eating, especially at work. I’m not excited by the idea of having to do that heavy cleaning at work. One coworker said that when she did braces as an adult, she just brought protein shakes for lunch every day. That’s certainly a possibility, but I will be the first to admit that I doubt a shake would hold me off. And I certainly don’t want to do soups every day for the next 18 months, especially in the summer.

But yes… Day 1 is done, we’re on day 2 now, and that blender really does need to die.


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One Response to Braces, Day 1

  1. Emily Heath says:

    When I had braces a couple of years ago I just ate normal food at work. Something you could perhaps do is take in mouthwash and gurgle that round to hopefully give them a good clean.

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