Seems appropriate

Happy MLK Day. And Inauguration Day, I guess.

Usually, I would review Obama’s Inauguration speech, and that would seem appropriate, but I just don’t want to. Honestly, I haven’t been inspired to write all that much lately. At least not here. I’ve been keeping a journal more regularly, which is pretty cool. I started some time ago, but most of my thoughts lately are literally my thoughts. Not to share. So the journal seems appropriate.

But I haven’t forgotten the faithful readers who still check in from time to time.

I think I already mentioned this, but I decided that my theme for life this year would be “go.” As in get it done. Stop wasting time deciding or waiting for a better time or whatever. Just go. So about 24 hours from right now, I’ll be walking out of the dentist’s office once more officially a metal mouth. I’ve asked a few very select friends to make sure to tease me gently Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure I don’t get too caught up in myself, but today I’m caught up in myself. I didn’t sleep last night because, in a lot of ways, I’m not all that excited and yet I am. And eager. And nervous.

There are so many changes going on right now that I’m feeling just a touch overwhelmed. I was accepted to grad school and start in roughly five weeks. I’m exercising more (finally) and also seeing results (again, finally). There may be changes afoot at work, which I’m anxious to see happen. And I even stopped biting my nails! That’s something I’m not sure my mom or dad would believe…. When I was about five or six, they put that nasty tasting nail polish on to help me stop. Even at that early age I reasoned through it that I could suck it off quickly and get back to biting my nails. I can still remember the taste and the thought process like it was yesterday. I wonder if that’s when my parents looked at each other and thought, “uh oh….” I know there have been at least a few times I’ve thought that about my own kids, but nothing like Carolyn these last few weeks. She seems to be developing faster than our other kids did, which is awesome and worrisome at the same time.

And in all this change, I keep wondering where spring is. We’ve had an abnormally cold winter this year. This month has only infrequently risen about freezing so far, and We’ve still got a good 8 inches of snow sitting on the ground from the Christmas storms. Frankly, I’m tired of it. I go outside in the morning to scrape the ice of the cars and think how much more I’d rather be scraping propolis off of frames.

My three surviving hives are still alive. The only reason I know that is because there are still bodies showing up outside the front door. But that’s all I know. I was talking to Mackay about it the other day, and we’re both starving to get some bee time. After thinking about it, I’m still not sure if we’ll do four or five. Okay, let’s be honest… it’ll be five.



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One Response to Seems appropriate

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Sounds like you’re making awesome progress in life! 😀

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